Now our range is extremely wide and includes many different products types:

  • Polyurethane coated fabrics, extruded TPU films and sheets (Textane coated fabrics, Soltane films and sheets);
  • Polyurethane solvent based films, polyurethane high-solid solvent free films, polyurethane water based films, self-adhesive application tapes (thermo-transfer films for print and cut and application tapes marketed under Plotterfilms brand);
  • PVC coating on paper and cardboard (book binding and packaging application marketed by Skinplast S.r.l.;


Production capacity

  • Two flat extrusion lines widths range starting by 500 up to 2.050mm, thickness range 50µm up to 5.000mm, aspect matt, glossy or embossed (Third one is coming end 2019 high production capacity);
  • Two solvent/water based films lines to combine extruded and solvent/water based film creating bilayer film with special characteristics;
  • One PVC coating line;
  • Blow film three layers (to complete range in lower thickness);
  • Solvent base printing line for lacquering;
  • Latex wide-format digital printing machine width 3.000 mm;

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